The Perfect Beach Gym in Bali

Doing exercise has long been a trend, especially in maintaining health, and it is still more popular than diet programs. This trend seems to be increasing and more and more fitness gym facilities are found throughout the world, including in Bali.

As time goes by, there are many innovations in doing fitness sports, starting from many innovations in equipment, and more effective and efficient fitness movements, to doing fitness on the beach.

For those of you who have just heard about it, you might start asking, what does it feel like to exercise on the beach? As a sports fan, you may have seen beach football or beach volleyball, but what is the sensation of fitness on the beach?

You may still need to be a little patient because even though Bali is known to have many beaches, it is still difficult to find a gym on the beach. Maybe it’s because it’s difficult to provide fitness gym equipment in open spaces or because of other factors.

Beach Sports Ideas

One of the things that makes Bali very popular among local and international tourists is because of its many beautiful beaches and golden sand. So actually it is a big question mark why until now the idea of holding sports on the beach has not yet become widespread. This could be an added value that Bali’s beaches can offer apart from their beauty.

There is nothing wrong if we now start thinking about what will happen and what if we could build a gym on the beach in Bali. That way we will know whether this will attract the interest of many people and provide great benefits as well as being fun.

Exercise While Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset

It’s no longer a secret that one of the goals of people traveling to the beach is to see the sunset and sunrise on the beach. Most people will think about spending time relaxing while enjoying the moment. However, have you ever imagined a moment where you do several sets of fitness or gym movements during morning exercise on the beach while watching the sunrise? Can anything be more interesting than that?

Apart from the sunrise, the sunset is also equally beautiful, how does it feel when you can do yoga movements or a gym exercise session while looking at the orange sky that is very pleasing to the eye on the beaches of Bali? This might divert your focus because of its beauty, but on the other hand, it will also give you a different enthusiasm and sensation when having a gym session on the beach in Bali. I think anyone would want to experience it, even if only once in their life.

Combination of Fitness and Nature

You probably know that many beaches in Bali are close to the mountains. This condition can give you the sensation of the smell of the sea combined with the cool feel of the mountains. How this is an environment that supports the process of maintaining your fitness and health.

So it will be very interesting that doing the gym on the beach in Bali will allow you to combine your love for your body to maintain fitness, and your love for your soul in providing emotional nourishment provided directly by nature.

When this is widely known, the area may become even busier. Many job opportunities and business prospects will emerge and develop there. This will be very important when you can give lots of space to people and help them visualize what they can do when they decide to have a gym session on the beautiful beaches of Bali.

Cardio Training Area

You can’t call a place a gym if there are no facilities for cardio exercise. This can be an activity that is chosen by many people who like running around on the beach. With gym facilities on the beach, you will be able to do this using the treadmill on the beach to make it look neater.

However, those of you who want to explore the beach area may not like this method. Maybe what you can do is rent weights from the gym and attach them to your feet or body so that you can get maximum results when running on the beach.

Yoga Movement Area

Anyone is interested in doing yoga movements on the beach because this is the same as doing yoga in the mountains or shady areas. Everything is the same as nature and on the beach, you can enjoy the wind blowing and crashing waves which will provide a deeper relaxing effect when doing yoga movements on the beach in Bali. Are you starting to get interested yet?

CrossFit Area

CrossFit has high functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit has become the movement of choice for many people to sweat it out. So the CrossFit area on this beach will be very important for people who want high-intensity training.

Shaded Practice Area

Every gym should be equipped with an area that frees users from heavy equipment or weights. However, Nikita will discuss gym areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight. Having natural colors like nature will indeed be very impressive, but this kind of thing is not always easy to do and implement in an indoor gym.

This is what underlies the idea of creating a shaded gym area without sunlight so that every member can feel the cool feel of the gym, a bit like an indoor gym even though this gym is located on the beach.

Many foreign tourists visit Bali in winter to get hot air and enjoy sunbathing in natural sunlight. However, sunbathing for too long will certainly have a bad impact, and having a shaded area will help tourists stabilize their body temperature, especially when doing gym sessions.

Wooden Gym Equipment

A challenge that is quite risky and must be faced is the threat of seawater. We know that salty sea water is a real enemy of gym equipment, which almost all contain iron. Sea water will erode the plates due to rust which is produced due to the natural reaction between the two.

This is the basis for the idea of making gym equipment from wood that still has the same function as iron equipment and has a similar shape so that it will make it easier for users.

Have you ever imagined how wooden gym equipment would make the gym experience even more interesting? You will see an unusual aesthetic side emerge from the gym equipment you use on the beach.

Some people might think that wood will still be lighter than iron even though the size will be larger than the standard size. Therefore, it is necessary to make wooden gym equipment that is designed with a combination of other materials that function as additional weights and can enable the shape of wooden equipment to be as efficient as iron gym equipment.

Beach Gym Lighting

When doing a gym training session on the beach, maybe you will wonder, what will the atmosphere be like there if it is evening or the sun is setting? Therefore, we will think about creating a lighting system in such a way as to keep the atmosphere bright.

One of the goals of creating a gym on the beach is to allow users to exercise 24 hours a day and enjoy the beach atmosphere in the afternoon while maintaining their health and fitness and keeping their emotions more stable.

Hope at the Beach Gym

Beach gyms may not be found or implemented in many places in Bali. Therefore, this will be an idea with projections to become a reality and provide many benefits for tourists in Bali.

They can get many things from tourism, health both physically and emotionally, and much more.

Nirvana Gym

Nirvana is one of the best gym recommendations in Bali that you can choose. They provide many services including kitchen services that will provide nutritious food that will support your fitness.

Nirvana also provides several interesting activities, one of which is a yoga session that can be done in the beach area which provides the atmosphere, views, as well as the roar of the sand, wind, and waves which adds to the impression of relaxation.

However, Nirvana is already several steps ahead in utilizing its beach areas for fitness gym and emotional health activities. This will be the forerunner to the start of a beach gym with a variety of sessions and equipment that will make it even more popular and frequently visited.

Nirvana Registration

You can find information and register there by visiting their website and finding a contact person to ask for lots of information and at the same time register. You can also find lots of information about the services available at Nirvana so that you will feel the benefits are very commensurate with the prices offered there.

Let’s register yourself at Bali gym Nirvana and experience a fun and healthy sensation.

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