Best Gyms in Canggu, Bali

Bali, one of the most famous tourist islands in Indonesia, can provide you with a prosperous life including getting the best fitness experience. There are many high-quality gyms in Canggu, Bali that you can visit to keep your body fit and healthy. Are you wondering what are the recommended gyms in Canggu, Bali, I will tell you some of the best options.

Why Fitness in Bali?

If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle and an amazing holiday experience, Bali is the place to go. Bali can offer a variety of extraordinary destinations. You can enjoy the natural beauty and world-class tourist facilities in Bali.

More than that, you can also combine the beauty of Bali’s nature with fitness. You can do fitness in Bali’s best gyms while enjoying the stunning surrounding scenery including the clear ocean, and soothing green scenery. When you come to Bali gyms, you can not only get the best workout experience, but you can also get a different fitness experience than usual.

Gyms in Bali provide professional trainers to make your fitness sessions easier. You can also freely use the complete gym equipment. You can join a fitness community or come to a group gym class with other people who have the same goals.

What are the Best Gyms in Canggu Bali?

In Canggu Bali, you can find many gyms, some offering high-end facilities and some having a low cost. You can also get a more luxurious experience, relaxing in the swimming pool or sauna after your workout. Let’s check out the best gyms to choose from in Canggu.

Nirvana Life

Nirvana Life Fitness Gym and Wellness Club in Jalan Pantai Berawa Canggu is a premium health and wellness destination. This exclusive club provides a variety of exercise facilities, wellness programs, and spa Canggu services to support both physical and mental wellness. Modern fitness equipment, personalised training, and holistic approaches to health are highlighted. For those looking for a complete wellness experience in Bali’s peaceful, rejuvenating setting, Nirvana Life Fitness & Wellness Club is an excellent choice due to its luxury and serene environment.

Pros of Choosing Nirvana Life

Nirvana can provide group training with best practices. Thanks to their instructors who were able to maximize my workout needs when I visited this fitness gym in Bali. I was very comfortable here because of the welcoming staff with great service and were very friendly.

Nirvana provides interesting classes that can be chosen according to specific fitness needs. After my fitness session, I visited the restaurant there, the dishes were delicious and the portions were just right. I feel like going back there again just to savor the food.

Another pro for me is the location, which is both stunning and relaxing amongst the beautiful rice fields. There are many useful facilities here such as a sauna, ice bath, steam room, and so on. I would also like to appreciate their state-of-the-art fitness equipment to optimize my workout.

Cons of Choosing Nirvana Life

I don’t think there are enough cons to come to Nirvana Life, every aspect is satisfactory. Everything goes well with my preferences be it from the equipment, personal trainers, amenities, and restaurant dishes.

Soma Fight Club

Soma Fight Club is a renowned martial arts and fitness centre located in Canggu Bali. It provides training in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and other fighting techniques. It is renowned for its distinctive fusion of traditional and modern combat styles. The club offers a warm and inviting environment and caters to both novice and seasoned fighters. Soma Fight Club is a popular choice for residents and visitors in the Canggu community wishing to advance their martial arts abilities and general fitness in the picturesque setting of Canggu Bali because of its qualified teachers and cutting-edge equipment.

Pros of Choosing Soma Fight Club

The training facilities at Soma are specifically designed to maximize boxing training. They provide intensive classes with effective sessions so that you can become a fighter afterward. The rings they use are competition-sized.

I can also access the recovery area, which includes an ice bath and sauna. After I trained, I went to the cafe & juice bar there and managed to recover my fatigue. The locker rooms at Soma Fight Club are well-organized and quite clean.

Cons of Choosing Soma Fight Club

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the service of the staff here as I felt they were too casual. A lot of time was wasted due to their performance. I’m a beginner in boxing and I don’t think the trainers provide good enough guidance. If you are new to boxing, try to reconsider.

Fitness Centre at Finn’s Recreation Club

The Fitness Centre at Finns Recreation Club in Bali, is one of Canggu Bali top fitness destinations. It provides a top-notch gym Bali with state-of-the-art machines and qualified trainers, catering to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Bali Yoga, spin, and functional training are just a few of the many fitness classes offered at the centre. The workout Centre offers a complete workout experience for both locals and guests looking to stay active and maintain their wellness while enjoying the tropical paradise of Bali with its modern amenities, lovely surroundings, and luxury ambiance.

Pros of Choosing Finn’s Recreation Club

Finn’s Recreation Club offers a state-of-the-art, well-equipped fitness center. Their TechnoGym equipment can support my fitness goals. Here, I can choose my fitness classes freely as they can be customized according to my preferences.

Finn’s Recreation Club provides gym trainers who can guide visitors every step of the way. Another amazing thing about this gym center is that there is an Inbody 970 that can analyze the body. I can comprehensively know my body composition in terms of fat percentage and muscle mass.

Finn’s Fitness Centre also has a sauna, jacuzzi, and ice bath. After a fitness session, I can recover my body faster using these facilities.

Cons of Choosing Finn’s Recreation Club

I don’t like the overly strict searches by the security guards here. I find it hard to stay hydrated here as it’s not easy to bring a water bottle from outside. I also find the gym quite stuffy, which makes it uncomfortable for me to move around in.

Bali MMA

Bali MMA is a well-known mixed martial arts (MMA) training facility and fight camp located in Canggu Bali. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts are just a few of the martial arts disciplines that it offers complete training in. It has won respect on a global scale for its top-notch coaching staff. Professional fighters and amateurs alike are drawn to Bali MMA because of its state-of-the-art facility, first-rate amenities, and welcoming training environment. Bali MMA offers a lively and exciting Canggu community where you can develop your martial arts talents while taking in Bali’s natural beauty, whether you’re an experienced fighter or a novice wishing to sharpen your techniques.

Pros of Choosing Bali MMA

In my opinion, Bali MMA is a well-equipped gym. They have a dedicated weight room, boxing ring, and MMA Cage. To help with recovery, Bali MMA provides a Sauna and Ice Bath just like any other gym center.

I like the fact that the gym packages here are very flexible. Bali MMA also provides separate classes for adults and children.

Cons of Choosing Bali MMA

I was not satisfied with the personal training sessions provided by this gym. I feel like I didn’t optimize the benefits of personal training enough. I hope the management or boss can improve the performance of their trainers.


Obsidian is a new gym in Pererenan Despite being a newcomer, you have probably heard of it. Through your daily scrolling, you discovered that Canggu Bali is frequented by all the attractive boys and girls.  They welcome everyone and take care of all your wellness requirements. Need support? Ask one of their outstanding trainers to help you push your physical and mental boundaries and go beyond what you believed was possible.

Run while admiring the rice paddies and Sunset Canggu, take a dip in the ice bath, swim in the pool after dusk, or work up a sweat in the infrared sauna! Attend a class and hire a qualified personal trainer to assist with any injuries or individual needs.

Pros of Choosing Obsidian

Obsidian provided fitness trainers who did not confuse me. They know their way around various fitness programs including strength training, cardio training, and so on. At Obsidian, visitors can also have a one-week free trial. Overall, I want to appreciate the gym instructors here.

Cons of Choosing Obsidian

Not as many classes are available as other gyms. If you have a specific fitness vision, you might find it hard to match the right class at Obsidian.

Bulls Gym

Canggu Bali is home to the well-known workout facility, Bulls Gym Bali. This gym is well-known for its amenities and wide range of workout programs that are appropriate for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. The workout alternatives available at Bulls Gym include weightlifting, cardio, functional training, and group exercise programs. It offers both locals and visitors a wonderful opportunity to keep their exercise routines and training with the team and members that have been around the longest, these guys have experience in abundance.

Pros of Choosing Bulls Gym

The fitness equipment provided by Bulls Gym is brand new and well-equipped enough to support my every workout. They provide experienced trainers for personalized training sessions. If you forget to bring a towel, you don’t have to worry because Bulls Gym provides towels.

I could tell that Bulls Gym respects their patrons’ personal space because of their extensive cleanliness. After I was done with my fitness session, I went to the protein bar area and it was quite satisfying.

Cons of Choosing Bulls Gym

Bulls Gym does not provide free refillable drinking water. The car park here may also not be spacious enough so you need to find a specific area to park your car. The gym space also felt quite stuffy so I couldn’t breathe in enough oxygen.

Wrong Gym

Wrong gym is another brand new gym that opened in the Pererenan area in mid 2023 .

This gym is a thing of pure beauty. Its brand-new facilities are elegant yet welcoming. There are plenty of free weights, machines, squat racks, and hip thrust machines for all the influencers on the brand-new equipment. The pool has saunas, Ice bath, and plunge pools, giving it a similar atmosphere to some competitors. Overall, the setting is really warm and welcoming, making it ideal for individuals searching for a more upscale, premium gym Bali.

Pros of Choosing Wrong Gym

Since this gym opened recently, the facilities are modern. The equipment is also recent and well-equipped. I love the swimming pool at Wrong Gym, including the sauna and ice bath that they also provide. If you like the modern feel of a gym, then you might want to check out Wrong Gym.

Cons of Choosing Wrong Gym

Although they provide modern and new equipment, the prices are quite expensive. I often compare quite a lot of gym options so I feel that the price of this gym is quite high.

Still cheap for everything else though!

Crossfit Wanderlust

Then there is the well-known CrossFit gym called CrossFit Wanderlust. It provides functional training routines with a high level of intensity that emphasise strength and conditioning. CrossFit Wanderlust accepts people of all fitness levels and has knowledgeable trainers and a welcoming Canggu community. The gym is a well-liked option for people looking to increase their fitness and general health since it places a strong emphasis on different, difficult training.

Pros of Choosing Crossfit Wanderlust

I like the spacious training room at Crossfit Wanderlust. I also feel like the trainers they provide are professionals. They also provide several class options so that I can more easily adjust to what I need.

The facilities are quite satisfying for me with the Ice Bath, Sun Deck, Sauna, and Jacuzzi. I can understand my body composition with the InBody Scan at Crossfit Wanderlust. The staff is quite friendly including the one who guided me through the body scan.

Cons of Choosing Crossfit Wanderlust

I feel that the attitude of the staff is not polite or professional enough. I hope the management directs the staff better especially when problems occur.

Power and Revive

Power and Revive Bali is a wellness and fitness centre in Canggu Bali. This gym focuses on holistic health and fitness, and it provides Bali yoga, meditation, and restorative spa Canggu services. Through a combination of exercise courses and relaxation techniques, it places a strong emphasis on fostering both physical and mental well-being. With the help of Power and Revive Canggu Bali, people may relax, unwind, and revive their bodies and minds in a peaceful setting. It’s a well-liked place for individuals trying to find a balanced and invigorating wellness experience in the peaceful surroundings of Canggu.

Body Factory Bali

Body Factory Bali is a well-known fitness centre in Pantai Berawa Canggu. It is committed to offering a variety of wellness services, such as personal training, group fitness programs, and dietary advice. Modern workout equipment is available at the facility, and qualified trainers assist clients in reaching their fitness objectives. Body Factory Bali is a well-liked option for the Canggu community wishing to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of Bali. It features a warm atmosphere and a focus on personalised workout routines.

A beautiful Yoga Studio offer Yin Yoga, Hatha and so much more and features a Sunset Canggu that is not to be missed.

Pros of Choosing Body Factory Bali

I like how Body Factory can provide the best recovery center experience. They provide soothing massages and relax me. The staff at Body Factory is professional and friendly.

I also like how Body Factory is located close to the beach. You can come to the beach to relax after your fitness session. Another thing worth appreciating is the personal trainers who know exactly what they are doing.

Cons of Choosing Body Factory Bali

During peak hours, the gym is very crowded and may not be comfortable enough for you. If you have a lot of money, this gym might be one of the best options. But I think it’s a bit pricey even though the facilities are worth the money.

Considering Body Factory is quite popular, I don’t think they provide enough space. I also couldn’t make good use of every piece of gym equipment due to insufficient availability.

Avenue Fitness

Avenue Fitness has several floors, each floor designed to support a specific workout despite being a minimalist gym. Avenue Fitness offers both individual fitness sessions and group gym classes.

Pros of Choosing Avenue Fitness

The staff at Avenue Fitness can provide friendly service. I can enjoy my fitness session here with peace of mind. The facilities are well-maintained and the cleanliness of the place makes me more motivated to train. The recovery area is not too crowded and there is a jacuzzi too.

Cons of Choosing Avenue Fitness

The downside of Avenue Fitness that I realized is that the size of the space tends to be smaller than some other gyms. The amount of fitness equipment is also not enough so I had to wait for a few minutes first.

Avenue Fitness accepts a lot of members even though the fitness space is not big enough. You might feel quite crowded here, especially during peak hours.

Fortitude Bali

Fortitude Bali is a gym that focuses on functional fitness training. They provide enough classes to accommodate a variety of fitness visions. The open gym area at Fortitude Bali is also quite cozy.

Pros of Choosing Fortitude Bali

The pros that I realized from Fortitude Bali are that they provide a wide range of classes. The fitness machines and equipment they provide are complete so that can be an advantage. The gym space is also spacious enough to remain comfortable even when there are a lot of visitors.

Cons of Choosing Fortitude Bali

If we look at the cons, it might be that the working hours are too early. While the closing time is also very early at 18.00. You have to come early so that you can maximize your training session before closing time.

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