Breathwork and Somatic Facilitator Training

November 14th - 18th, 2024

Discover transformative facilitator training, blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques.
Gain personal growth and tools to guide others

Transformative training: Self-growth, healing, and breakthroughs await. Connect with a vibrant community

Prepare to embark on cutting-edge facilitator training, seamlessly blending the wisdom of ancient techniques with the power of modern transformation. This powerful immersion will provide you with both personal experiences and the tools to hold space for others to change their lives.

There’s no doubt that breathwork and somatic release are changing lives all over the world. In this fast-paced, stressed, overstimulated world, it is easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and not know what direction to take.

Breathwork and somatic release are on the rise, offering people a natural solution to the way they feel. These practices transform lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Healing and regulating our nervous system are the keys to feeling better, enabling more happiness and abundance in our lives.


Breathwork stands as the foremost trending healing modality of our time, and its impact extends beyond mere trendiness. This practice holds the profound potential to transform our lives—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

From forging new neural pathways to reshaping ingrained conditioning, and from detoxifying our bodies to a multitude of other benefits, the transformative power of Breathwork is both extensive and indisputable. Just wait until you delve into the science!


  • Nervous System Regulation, The Anatomy of Breath, Somatic Release research, Trauma-Informed Approach, and Co-regulation
  • Learn how to complete the stress cycle and why it matters
  • Understanding elements of energy, chakras, and flow state
  • How to facilitate a powerful Breathwork Journey, including somatic release, vagal nerve regulation, conscious connected breathing, other breathing techniques, and, most importantly, integration
  • Guidance on leading group sessions, one-to-one sessions, and online sessions
  • Utilising hands-on assists with confidence
  • Incorporating music into Breathwork sessions
  • Emphasis on safety, understanding contraindications, insurance, and legalities
  • Awareness of possible side effects and strategies for effective management
  • Holding space in both private and group sessions, whether in-person or online
  • Practical and hands-on experience
  • Ongoing guidance, support, and connection within the breathwork community

This transformative training is an invitation to those yearning for radical self-transformation and a profound focus on personal healing. If you’re a teacher, space holder, or facilitator with a burning desire to guide your students towards unparalleled breakthroughs, this programme is tailor-made for you. Delve deep into an elevated understanding of the conscious, unconscious, and superconscious mind, unravelling the secrets of how they intricately shape your life. 

Calling all coaches, space holders, PTs, therapists, and facilitators! This training is your golden opportunity to empower your clients to unprecedented heights. By incorporating somatic tools into your toolkit, you not only enhance your practice but also open doors to additional income and increased impact. Your deep-seated belief in personal growth and development aligns seamlessly with the ethos of this programme.


Human AF, you can call me AMK, Annie, or Anne Marie—I have many different expressions just like you. Growing up with a challenging family led me to discover endless ways of pulling myself out of darkness, embracing happiness, and riding the roller coaster we call life.

While I don’t claim to have all the answers, I feel a calling to connect with others and share the tools I’ve learned over the last 23 years studying every aspect of health—mental, physical, and ‘spiritual.’ With a degree in Exercise, corporate experience in America, and the establishment of three large yoga studios in California, my journey has been diverse. 

Over the past decade, I’ve immersed myself in Breathwork & Somatics training, continually learning to heal my own nervous system—a process I love sharing with others, with immediate and profound effects.

Now residing in Bali, raising two children has possibly taught me more than any work I’ve undertaken. I’ve experienced success and failure, each contributing to who I am today. My mission is to connect with fellow humans and offer support on this collective journey. My life is a blend of darkness and inspiration, reflecting the beauty of humanity. I love intensely, and I look forward to meeting you.

A dedicated full-time coach based in Bali, Indonesia, with a robust background in transpersonal counselling psychology, yoga, and additional qualifications in rehab and prehab. Melanie is fervent about movement and breathwork, seamlessly integrating her psychology expertise into her coaching and classes.

She places a strong emphasis on nervous system health and integration through a polyvagal approach. For Melanie, movement and breathwork extend beyond the physical—they represent a transformative journey of self-trust, communication, and discovery. Specializing in embodiment practices, she guides individuals in regulating their nervous systems through breathwork, flexibility, handstands, and rehab training.


  • 50hr Breathwork and Somanic Facilitator Training with Annie and Melanie

Morning session from 07.00 am -11.00 am
Lunch from 11.00 am – 01.00 pm
Afternoon from 01.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Early Bird : (Until September 30th)
Training Only : $1,500

Regular Price : (Starting October, 1st)
Training Only : $2,000