Full Moon Sound Healing

Sound bath with crystal singing bowls, energy healing

June 22nd, 2024
06.30PM - 08.00PM

Members : 150K++
Non - Members: 250K++

You will be in the state of relaxation. Good for reducing anxiety, stress, tension in the body & mind, and increasing quality of sleep.

Workshop Summary

In this practice we will use 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

Experience a 90-minute session of deep healing through the powerful sound and vibration emitted by 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

You will be into Theta brainwaves state, this is the state between awake and asleep and is related to your subconscious mind.

And eventually, you’ll be into deep relaxation and inner peace. The sound and vibration will significantly reduce anxiety, tension, and stress, and also cleanse and balance the Chakra the energy.