Maja Healing Series Subconscious Meditation

June 26th, 2024
06.30PM - 08.00PM

Price (Single Session)
Member : IDR 250K++
Non Member : IDR 350K++

Price (Whole Series)
Member : IDR 1.350K++
Non Member : IDR 1.890K++

Discover a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our diverse range of meditation sessions designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Dr. Laura W is a dedicated Behavioral Psychologist, Holistic Hypnotherapist, and practitioner of Shadow Work Therapy. With a passion for understanding the complexities of human behavior, she combines her expertise in counseling with innovative therapeutic techniques to guide individuals on their journey towards self-discovery and healing. Dr. W’s holistic approach addresses the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, fostering profound transformation and empowering her clients to live authentically and fully.

1. Building Trust with Your Body – May 29th, 2024

Dive deep into a meditative practice that focuses on reconnecting and harmonizing with your body’s innate wisdom. This session guides you through techniques to listen to, understand, and trust your body’s signals, promoting a profound sense of unity and well-being. Enhance your body awareness and foster a trusting partnership with yourself.

2. Creating Calm/Releasing Stress – June 26th, 2024
In today’s fast-paced world, finding tranquility is essential. This meditation session offers a sanctuary of calm, guiding you through effective strategies to release stress and cultivate a peaceful mind. Learn to navigate life’s challenges with ease, embracing calmness as your natural state of being.


3. Growing an Abundance Mindset – July 31st, 2024
Transform your perspective and open your life to the endless possibilities that await. This session is designed to shift your mindset towards abundance, helping you recognize and attract more joy, prosperity, and success. By fostering gratitude and positivity, you’ll unlock the doors to a life abundant in all aspects.

4. Nurturing Your Inner Child – August 28th, 2024

Embark on a healing journey to connect with and nurture your inner child. This session provides a safe space to explore, heal, and embrace the parts of you that need care and attention. Rekindle the joy, innocence, and curiosity of your inner child, and integrate these qualities into your adult life.

5. Strengthening Resilience – September 25th, 2024
Resilience is the cornerstone of enduring life’s ups and downs with grace and strength. This meditation focuses on building your inner resilience, equipping you with the tools to bounce back from adversity stronger and more determined. Discover the power of adaptability and perseverance as you face challenges with confidence.

6. Establishing Your Boundaries – October 30th, 2024
Healthy boundaries are vital for self-respect and the respect of others. This session is designed to help you define, communicate, and maintain your personal boundaries. Learn to assert your needs and protect your energy, creating a balanced and respectful interaction with the world around you.

Join us and embark on this extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and transformation with the Maja Healing Series. Your journey to inner harmony and empowerment awaits

Maja Healing Series Subconscious Meditation
Date: June 26th, 2024
Time: 06.30PM – 08.00PM

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