Coach – Gal


  • Arm balances & Inversions
  • Flexibility / Mobility
  • Calisthenics

Meet Gal, a dynamic and versatile movement enthusiast dedicated to pushing physical boundaries through a unique fusion of handstands, calisthenics strength training, mobility and flexibility. Inspired by the awe-inspiring abilities of circus performers, Gal has honed his skill over 6 years, overcoming challenges to become an expert in various disciplines. Renowned for his mastery, he shares his method to empower students to achieve their fitness goals.

Gal’s holistic approach to fitness extends beyond the physical, emphasizing the transformative power of movement and calisthenics for personal development. Committed to fostering both extraordinary physical feats and personal growth, he creates an empowering, supportive and enjoyable environment where individuals can unlock their true potential through the art of movement.

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