Skill Classes

Legs: Single Leg Squat

  • Focus on lower torso and Anterior muscle groups (i.e. Quads, hip flexors, single leg balance and more)
  • This class will help to address issues in the lower torso such as hip, knee and ankle pains by getting you to build strength through your full range of motion.
  • A cool skill to learn at the same time
  • Single leg (i.e. unilateral) work is a great way to deal is assymetary in your body (i.e. one side stronger and/or tighter than the other


  • Once you have your 60 secs freestanding Handstand, this opens a whole new world of Hand Balancing.
  • Taking your handstand to the Press Handstand, Tuck Handstand, Straddle Handstand, and more

Beginner Handstands

  • Does what is promised – teaches you to Handstand
  • Introduce the fundamentals of Hand balancing such as wrist strengthening exercises, shoulder opening mobility work, chest-to-wall endurance hold, body line drills and beginner balance drills
  • The goal is to get to a 60 secs unassisted Handstand
  • Improve shoulder/overhead mobility
  • Improve body awareness and balance

Body Lever

  • The skills that defies gravity.
  • Work towards skill such as Front Lever, Back Lever, Planche, Human Flag and more…
  • Improve straight arm strength (shoulders, lats, triceps and biceps)
  • Improve core and hip stability
  • develop a greater sense of body awareness and balance
  • Strengthen muscle, ligament, tendons and joints from wrists, elbows and shoulders

Muscle up

  • Improve shoulder health and strength
  • Piecing the upper body push and pull work to display this skill
  • Improve grip strength (coorelation of grip strength to longevity)
  • Improve shoulder mobility
  • Strengthen biceps, triceps, pecs and shoulders