Nirvana Life offers outstanding facilities and exceptional coaches for everything from over 100 group classes per week to highly effective personal training.

A holistic centre of excellence for Strength, Mobility and Flexibility classes, with high quality equipment, our Strength spaces will have everything that you need for your fitness journey.


Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Sound healing are some of the accessible classes in our Wellness Studio. Our Wellness Studio is especially beautiful at Sunset, where you can undertake your practice overlooking the rice fields of Canggu for an authentic Bali experience.

Our Wellness Studio is also the home to Fitness and movement classes, with Pilates being a particular favourite among our members.


Designed for relaxation and comfort, our Recovery Spa is the perfect spot to relax, recuperate or work.

Nirvana Life offers a Dry sauna, Hot tub, Steam room, Infrared sauna, 4° Ice bath and a 10° Cold bath, all located next to a Clubhouse and 25 metre swimming pool.


The best diet in our opinion is one that emphasises highly nutritious whole foods, encourages calorie and macros awareness and supports your Fitness and health goals, promoting long term lifestyle change.

Nirvana Kitchen offers 2 locations, 1 at the front of our building teamed with a quiet working zone for our members and the second located in the peaceful surroundings of our Clubhouse.