Canggu Yoga Retreat in Bali

We have various kinds of Yoga at Nirvana Wellness retreat. We combine multiple kinds of yoga types depending on the guest’s needs. The yoga classes are given in small groups and suitable for all ages and levels.


Build strength and flexibility

Vinyasa is a style of yoga in which you transition directly from one pose to the next. Although the precise poses and the speed of the flow differ from one instructor to the next, there is a flow to a Vinyasa yoga practice. Additionally, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga are sometimes used interchangeably.

  • All level of practitioners are welcome
  • Modification of postures will be provided


improve awareness and overall health

This inversion base yoga class in Canggu Bali is perfect for those who are looking for a strength building yoga class and are looking to progress in their inversions yoga practice. Such as pressing into their vinyasa and other hand/arm balancing transitions.

Students will also learn how to apply neuro mechanical approach into their practice to further improve their awareness and overall body, mental and emotional health.


Neurocentric approach to yoga

Neuro Yoga is an applied neurocentric approach to yoga asana and breathing practices that works with your brain and neurological system to help you improve in your practice, increase in strength, focus, mobility, flexibility, athletic performance and a deeper understanding of what you and your nervous system is capable of.


Calm the mind and body

At you will slow down, unwind, and focus on yourself when you engage in this practice, which reduces stress and replenishes your vitality. Additionally, yin yoga increases flexibility, stimulates blood flow, and eases tension after doing gym in Canggu, Bali.